Monday, 21.07.2014, Langenlois

For the last time, our Teamers woke us up at 6.30 am in the morning. After breakfast, we met in the yard to say goodbye to each other, when at 7.30 am, the bus left Langenlois…


Dear Participants, 

Thank you so much for a fantastic time at the 59th international camp. We had a lot of fun with you guys. Thanks for sharing your ideas, thoughts and cultural backgrounds with us. Every single one of you made this camp to the best experience of the entire year. It’s so good to see how young strangers from all over the world gain new friendships here and take the spirit and knowledge they got back home to their countries! We all have one goal – make the world a better place and spread joy and happiness even in bad times.

We’re gonna miss you all!!!

And never forget: No matter where you come from – Langenlois connects us! LET’S SPREAD THE LL-SPIRIT!!! 

Yours truly, 

Dreamteam of LL14 This years Camp Video !

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Sunday, 20.07.2014, Langenlois

Today was the last day of the camp. We spent the morning cleaning up the festival hall and the camp itself. Everyone helped together, to come to a quick end. After spending the last freetime in town or paradise, we met again to say goodbye to our first person departing 🙁 Romani ( better known as the Busdriver) had to leave us already today. After a goodbye full of tears and hugs we handed out feedback forms and solve the myth about our “secret friends”. Everyone enjoyed receiving and giving little presents.

We then met in the greenhouse to hand over the certificates and enjoy the last hours we have together. The calm last evening made us realize that we formed a family within the two weeks. Strangers became friends – not matter where from or what language they speak. Laughing, singing, dancing and celebrating doesn’t know any boarders.

Some of us didn’t go to bed at all, as everyone wanted to spend the hours left with their new friends from all around the globe.

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Saturday, 19.07.2014, Langenlois

The big day!!!!!

Everyone woke up excited already. In the morning, we finished our country presentations and decorated the festival hall to make it look perfect. According to our topic, we decorated the hall as a safe-zone and the outside garden as a warzone decoratet according tothe 4 geneva conventions with a pathway leading in the festival hall. A biiiiiiig thank u for the creativ arts SIG-group who did a perfect job on all the decorations!!!!

After lunch, the final rehearsals took place in the festival hall. Everyone tried hard to make their performance look good.

At 20.00, the big Festival of Nations 2014 started. The presentations of the countries went perfectly! The audience got to know the countries and our participants in detail – everyone enjoyed the show a lot. After this, our guests had the possibility to taste national dishes and chat with the participants. Then, the chairs were removed and Klaus (our DJ) started the big party – we danced and celebrated until 3 am.

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Friday, 18.07.2014, Langenlois

After some funny games in the morning, we directly headed to our SIG-groups to finish the preparations for the big event – the Festival of Nations (FON) taking place on Saturday!

In the afternoon, we had time to work on our country presentations, before we started the rehearsals for the FON.

As it was time for the last national pub, we spent the evening dancing, singing and celebrating our cultural differences. Everyone enjoyed the party until midnight.

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Thursday, 17.07.2014

In the morning we had a speech presented by Günter about Disaster Relief and ERU. This was followed by freetime until lunch.

After lunch we all gathered in the yard to take a group picture and headed towards the Loisium which is a very interactive winemuseum. We got an audioguide tour and could spend as much time as we needed there. After this we had freetime and a small room-inspection by our professional cleaning staff David, Atus, Meli and Sophie.

After dinner we had national PUB with the delegations of Vietnam, Poland, Estonia and Bulgaria. The night ended with a great party as usual.

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Wednesday, 16.07.2014, Langenlois

In the morning Romania prepared some energizing games for us and afterwards we played an exciting Teambuilding game called the Zin monument. It was a bit complicated but this game is an great opportunity to see how a group is interacting with each other.

After a short break we had another SIG-session until lunch.

After a short but relaxing lunchbreak we had an information group called ,,restoring family links“ which was held by Claire and her colleagues. This topic is really interesting and some of us were really into the topic.

Philipp afterwards did an activity group on the topic Dilemma stories where we had to decide how to react in different situations. How would you react if a kid would point with a gun in your face?

After dinner we got to know our topic for the costume party: UNUSUAL

we had time to prepare our costumes and met at 21:00 in the green house.

The team prepared some food and decorated the whole green house. They were dressed up as aliens and came in with a big UFO.

We had a great night!!!!! What a fun to see a lot of different people, from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds all dressed up and having so much fun with each other!

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Tuesday, 15.07.2014, Langenlois

Today we started off with some games, and afterwards we had our SIG-sessions for the whole morning. Every group is working really hard and is excited about the FON already.

After a delicious lunch we had an activity group about the geneva conventions with David and Adelina meanwhile, the rest of the team prepared the sportshall for our next programme point. PIRATE-CATCHING!!!!

As we entered the sportshall we were chased through a path with obstacles by pirates. It was very exciting and fun but also exhausting.

Tonights national PUB was held by Austria, Belize, Haiti, Slovakia and Georgia. We learned how to cook dumplings in Austria, sang the national anthem of Slovakia and also learned some interesting facts about the other countries.

The night ended after a long and real fun party with everyone dancing and enjoying the PUB.

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Monday, 14.07.2014, Langenlois

After breakfast we were split up in groups for a ralley about IHL all around Langenlois, based on the geneva conventions the team prepared different scenarios in which we had to work on our knowledge about IHL.

After lunch we played a shortcut-version of Raid cross where we got a bit deeper once again. The team and some friends of the LL camp dressed up as soldiers, wounded or civilians and we had to pass through different stations. This was a fun way to work on a very serious topic!

After a short SIG-session we had dinner and preparation for the next national PUB with: Maldives, Greece, Germany, Bangladesh and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
It was great to learn a lot of things about those countries. We finished the night with a great party and wish everyone a good night!


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Sunday, 13.07.2014, Langenlois

Today began with another busy SIG session. Its nice to see that at the end of the first week everyone is making real progress in their SIG groups. This years FON will be great.

After lunch, the team had prepared an RC3 session where we were working on the principles, the history of RC3,  IFRC/ICRC and Strategy 2020. In the end we had a plenum all together which focused on the Strategy 2020.

After dinner we had our first national PUB with Armenia, Finland, Japan, Italy and Egypt. After choosing which delegation we wanted to join, we all prepared for tonight’s party by e.g. learning to cook Pasta with Italy or learning a traditional song with Finland.

As today was the final match of the Worldcup we also had our private viewing in the yard.

After each delegation and their team of helpers presented their work we all partied until bedtime.

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Saturday, 12.07.2014

After breakfast we boarded the RC Tornado to Vienna. That’s what the team called our flight (Bus) today. They went through the motions as if we were boarding a flight including a very funny safety demonstration.

Once we got into Vienna the pilot drove us around the ring road of Vienna so we could see some of the sights mentioned in yesterdays “Virtual Vienna” and then we all went in our own groups of friends for the day to do what we liked armed with maps, a travel pass and contact numbers of the team.

After a whole day in the capital we met up again at 15.45 for our flash mob. We spread on Stephansplatz and did the great fall, where we remained still for 2 minutes lying on the floor with sheets of paper telling interesting facts about war.

It was hard not to laugh or move for two minutes, but we definitely made an impact on the tourists in the area who came over to see what it was all about.

After returning to Langenlois, we prepared a speech and worked in creative ways on the topic peace. After reading out our speech to the whole camp and friends who came to join us, we then walked through the town centre to Spitzpark where we had a bonfire.

We finished up at the campfire where we sang songs with the team playing guitars to share the light, we all lightened our torches on the way back to the camp. It was a very relaxing night.

You can find the video of our flashmob here:

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