Thomas, Austria


Name: Thomas

 Age: 23

 I come from: Linz, Austria

 I’m in the youth red cross since: 2007


what do you do in ,,normal’’ life ( jobs)

studying physiotherapy


Do you collect anything?

empty cigarette-boxes from different brands


Your house is burning. Which are the first three things you rescue?

my sofa (it’s so comfortable), my laptopwith all my data, my photocollage


Can you reach your tip of the nose with your tongue?



You have unannounced visitors. What is the first thing you hide underneath your bed?

Dirty clothes


If you could be an animal, what would you want to be?

a turtle, lying in the sun at a beautiful beach


My favourite quote

,,Charakter ist, was wir innerlich sind und äusserlich tun.“

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