Friday, 11.07.2014, Langenlois

Today, we got straight to work learning about IHL with Günter Stummer and Mr. Schneider who prepared interesting speeches for us. After the two speeches we got together and had a plenum on the topic “nuclear weapons“.

As we have our excursion to Vienna tomorrow, the team had set up an interesting IG called “Virtual Vienna” where we were shown the best places in Vienna to visit for sightseeing, shopping, fun or relaxing.

This was done through a PowerPoint picture presentation with Philipp acting as tour guide. As he is Austrian he was also able to answer all the questions we had for him. We also prepared our flashmob which will take place tomorrow in vienna.

After another busy SIG session today came the Team PUB night. We helped the team to prepare food and drinks for a big party tonight and the team had another surprise for us. They set up a scary night rally in the sports hall with a history of a haunted circus. It was very scary but a lot of fun.

After we all went through the haunted circus we ended up in the inside Pub, waiting for all the others who went through the scary circus.

It was a great night.

Johnny, where are you???????


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Thursday, 10.07.2014, Langenlois

Today we woke at the crazy time of 5.45 am to the sound of the whole team dancing and singing their way through our rooms to wake us up. Although we were tired we didn’t mind, because after breakfast we were boarding the bus and heading to the concentration camp Mauthausen.

After an hour (of sleeping) on the bus we were met with two tour guides who brought us around the former concentration camp and told us about its horrible history and what each room was used for. The tour guides were very good and answered the many questions we had for them.

We finished our guided tour by walking down the “stairs of death”. Thankfully everyone managed and we were met by our busdriver, who took us to the town of Melk for sightseeing and freetime before returning for dinner at the camp.

In the evening the team had set up a traditional Austrian party at a typical Heuriger, where we got the chance to learn how to taste wine from the Ebner family of Langenlois properly. We also tasted the grapejuice the family produces. After the tasting we got dancing and then played funny games prepared by the team.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s programme and hope that everyone sleeps well after this busy day!

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Wednesday, 09.07.2014, Langenlois

After breakfast and a fun game called “pigs in space“ we were treated to an information group called “Cross Cultural Competences” presented by a guest speaker and former leader at the international friendship camp Erik Malchow.

This IG showed how certain movements, words and behavior in some countries could mean the opposite in other countries. It also showed us how to be better cultural ambassador’s, which will definitely come in handy here at the camp with 23 different cultures in attendance.

After lunch we got to pick our “special interest group” to join. The options were Dancing, Media, Creative art and project management. Each group will meet several times over the two weeks and work on projects for the Festival of Nations.

After our SIG we all met up again in the yard for the AG called “Tell your story” where we had the opportunity to have small chats which each other about certain topics. Although it was pretty loud because of all the people chatting it was very interesting to learn about the variety of RC projects from around the world and we all got some ideas on projects that might work well in our own country.

After dinner we were joined by our second guest speaker of the day. Mr. Feingold who turned 101 years old in May this year. He spoke to us for more than two hours about world war two and his experiences in the three concentration camps, which he survived.

This was a very informative and sad IG to attend but it was such an honor to have the opportunity to speak to him directly and it prepared us for our excursion tomorrow the concentration camp Mauthausen.

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Tuesday, 8th of July, Langenlois


After a good sleep we woke up to our first full day at the friendship camp. After a nice breakfast the team held the inofficial opening where they introduced themselves and the delegations. We also agreed on the rules for our time at the camp and the team answered any questions we had about life at the camp over the next two weeks. We also practised what to do in case of fire in the building, with the team even this activity was fun as Thomas and Ivan were dressed up as flames and got distinguished with water 🙂 .

After the inofficial opening we went straight to our first cultural activity group called “Do you see what I see?” where we looked at our prejudices about other countries. The outcome of this activity group will be presented tomorrow.

After lunch we all got dressed into fancy clothes or national costumes and walked down to the city hall where the Lord Mayor of Langenlois Dir. Hubert Meisl and other VIP’s from the Austrian Youth Red Cross met us and told us the history of the city and they officially opened the 59th International Friendship Camp. He then treated us to a typical Austrian wine tasting with very nice and tasty breads. After a photo shoot together with the Lord Mayor and RC VIP’s we returned to the camp where we got started preparing our posters for the world fair tonight. If you want to have a look on the offical homepage of Langenlois, you will also find some pictures, and an article about the event there.

After dinner the posters we created about our country and national RC society were hung around the sports hall like an art gallery. The team transformed into security, presenters and an orchestra where they played typical Austrian music to open the world fair. We then had 2 minutes to speak about the posters we created. That was short, but afterwards we had the opportunity to go in detail in private chats.

When everybody was satisfied with the information they got we went to the greenhouse where we had a lot of fun while dancing and chatting. At midnight we all sang ,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY“ to Simon, who turned 16 today.

Good night everyone, sleep well and see you tomorrow morning!

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Monday, 7th of July, Langenlois

Today, our team welcomed 24 delegations to the city of Langenlois, which will be our home for the next two weeks.

After travelling for many hours from their homes around the world, the delegations were met with big smiles at the airport and train stations and then brought to our camp.

Once everybody settled in, the team held some opening parcours for the whole group including making name badges and signs for our bedrooms, a guided tour around the building kind of a treasure hunt.

After dinner we played get to know each other games to break the ice. We danced, told stories about ourselves, laughed, played human bingo and we even managed to form a line from the shortest to the tallest person without speaking! In the end we played some games with the parachute, which we will use again for saying goodbye after two weeks – but first of all, we want to enjoy our stay in Langenlois and have a lot of fun.

We had a big welcome party for the rest of the night where we had time to get to know each other already closer, have chats with each other or going crazy while dancing.

We hope that everybody sleeps well ( but actually we’re pretty sure about it because of the long journeys to the camp).

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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Sunday, 6th of July , Langenlois

Welcome to the blog of the 59th International Friendshipcamp!

On this page, we will provide a lot of information, pictures and stories about this year’s camp in Langenlois. We can’t wait to meet you and have a great time together!

For the following two weeks, Langenlois will host about 50 participants from 24 different countries.

To make the stay of our participants as great as possible, an international Team prepared a fantastic programme.

The Team consists of:

– David (Ireland)
– Sophie (Austria)
– Meli (Austria)
– Adelina (Romania)
– Atus (Hungary)
– Philipp (Austria)
-Thomas (Austria)
– Ivan (Croatia)

The Team already arrived in Langenlois to set everything up, go through the programme and prepare everything.
Now there’s just one thing missing – you!
It’s too silent here ☺

We can’t wait to meet you tomorrow at the airport, train station or directly in Langenlois!
Travel safe and see you soon!

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