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make a move to help improve life in conflict

The work of the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement is extremely diverse. With over a hundred million volunteers we deal with a wide range of both national and international topics – from first aid education to water purification and HIV prevention programmes.

One of the most humane aspects to our international work is carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). For the last one hundred and fifty years the ICRC with the help of volunteers has been watching over wounded and sick soldiers and civilians in conflict zones to ensure their rights under the Geneva Conventions are respected.

In July 2014, the 59th International Friendship Camp of the Austrian Youth Red Cross will look at how RC/RC youth can help to improve the lives of people in conflict areas.

Using a variety of resources and media led by guest speakers, we will look on topics such as:

  • The Geneva conventions and how they work.
  • How the symbols of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement provide protection and assistance to the vulnerable in conflict zones.
  • Refugees and the work of the RC/RC movement to reunite families separated by conflict.
  • How RC/RC youth can play their part by sharing their knowledge about the Geneva Conventions and standing up against the inhumane treatment of soldiers, prisoners and civilians in conflict zones.

As the founder of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant, has shown us, all it takes sometimes is one person to stand up and make a positive difference in peoples lives.


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