Sunday, 20.07.2014, Langenlois

Today was the last day of the camp. We spent the morning cleaning up the festival hall and the camp itself. Everyone helped together, to come to a quick end. After spending the last freetime in town or paradise, we met again to say goodbye to our first person departing 🙁 Romani ( better known as the Busdriver) had to leave us already today. After a goodbye full of tears and hugs we handed out feedback forms and solve the myth about our “secret friends”. Everyone enjoyed receiving and giving little presents.

We then met in the greenhouse to hand over the certificates and enjoy the last hours we have together. The calm last evening made us realize that we formed a family within the two weeks. Strangers became friends – not matter where from or what language they speak. Laughing, singing, dancing and celebrating doesn’t know any boarders.

Some of us didn’t go to bed at all, as everyone wanted to spend the hours left with their new friends from all around the globe.

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