Saturday, 19.07.2014, Langenlois

The big day!!!!!

Everyone woke up excited already. In the morning, we finished our country presentations and decorated the festival hall to make it look perfect. According to our topic, we decorated the hall as a safe-zone and the outside garden as a warzone decoratet according tothe 4 geneva conventions with a pathway leading in the festival hall. A biiiiiiig thank u for the creativ arts SIG-group who did a perfect job on all the decorations!!!!

After lunch, the final rehearsals took place in the festival hall. Everyone tried hard to make their performance look good.

At 20.00, the big Festival of Nations 2014 started. The presentations of the countries went perfectly! The audience got to know the countries and our participants in detail – everyone enjoyed the show a lot. After this, our guests had the possibility to taste national dishes and chat with the participants. Then, the chairs were removed and Klaus (our DJ) started the big party – we danced and celebrated until 3 am.

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