Wednesday, 16.07.2014, Langenlois

In the morning Romania prepared some energizing games for us and afterwards we played an exciting Teambuilding game called the Zin monument. It was a bit complicated but this game is an great opportunity to see how a group is interacting with each other.

After a short break we had another SIG-session until lunch.

After a short but relaxing lunchbreak we had an information group called ,,restoring family links“ which was held by Claire and her colleagues. This topic is really interesting and some of us were really into the topic.

Philipp afterwards did an activity group on the topic Dilemma stories where we had to decide how to react in different situations. How would you react if a kid would point with a gun in your face?

After dinner we got to know our topic for the costume party: UNUSUAL

we had time to prepare our costumes and met at 21:00 in the green house.

The team prepared some food and decorated the whole green house. They were dressed up as aliens and came in with a big UFO.

We had a great night!!!!! What a fun to see a lot of different people, from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds all dressed up and having so much fun with each other!

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