Tuesday, 15.07.2014, Langenlois

Today we started off with some games, and afterwards we had our SIG-sessions for the whole morning. Every group is working really hard and is excited about the FON already.

After a delicious lunch we had an activity group about the geneva conventions with David and Adelina meanwhile, the rest of the team prepared the sportshall for our next programme point. PIRATE-CATCHING!!!!

As we entered the sportshall we were chased through a path with obstacles by pirates. It was very exciting and fun but also exhausting.

Tonights national PUB was held by Austria, Belize, Haiti, Slovakia and Georgia. We learned how to cook dumplings in Austria, sang the national anthem of Slovakia and also learned some interesting facts about the other countries.

The night ended after a long and real fun party with everyone dancing and enjoying the PUB.

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