Monday, 7th of July, Langenlois

Today, our team welcomed 24 delegations to the city of Langenlois, which will be our home for the next two weeks.

After travelling for many hours from their homes around the world, the delegations were met with big smiles at the airport and train stations and then brought to our camp.

Once everybody settled in, the team held some opening parcours for the whole group including making name badges and signs for our bedrooms, a guided tour around the building kind of a treasure hunt.

After dinner we played get to know each other games to break the ice. We danced, told stories about ourselves, laughed, played human bingo and we even managed to form a line from the shortest to the tallest person without speaking! In the end we played some games with the parachute, which we will use again for saying goodbye after two weeks – but first of all, we want to enjoy our stay in Langenlois and have a lot of fun.

We had a big welcome party for the rest of the night where we had time to get to know each other already closer, have chats with each other or going crazy while dancing.

We hope that everybody sleeps well ( but actually we’re pretty sure about it because of the long journeys to the camp).

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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  1. Anna sagt:

    Enjoy your time in Langenlois & have fun!
    Looking forward to meeting all of you soon 🙂

    See you!

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